One of the best outcomes of the traditional court processes related to divorce is the role of the parenting consultant, a service offered by AMS Mediation. AMS Mediation offers a wide variety of parenting support services to those in the community of Apple Valley, MN. Parenting support services are not defined by the law. Psychologists in Minnesota identified a need among divorcing parents for parenting support, and they then sought to meet the need. As a result of that development, there are now court-recommended Parenting Consultants, available through such services as AMS Mediation, and a whole host of other parenting support services that offer support and insight to divorcing parents that often cannot be replaced.

Parenting Support Services for Apple Valley, MN

AMS Mediation is a Minnesota-based mediation service that offers expert Parenting Consultation as well as other parenting support services including parenting mediation, parenting coaching, parenting time expediters, and parenting education. AMS Mediation is uniquely qualified to draw equally from the practices of accepted parenting consultation and from established law. In other words, AMS Mediation is equally adept in both worlds. If you are in the process of divorcing from your spouse, you probably understand the necessity of having access to a personal/psychological advocate, as well as someone who understands the complex processes of the law. When children are involved, they are also affected by your divorce. It is all the more important to have an impartial third-party, who are essential to resolving the disagreements that occur between you and your divorcing spouse. AMS Mediation understands that most parents want only what is best for their children.

Navigating A Divorce With Children

It may be counter intuitive but the stress divorcing couples go through can cause them to act as though their children are of not of primary importance. When asked, virtually all divorcing couples will cite that their response to their spouse is based solely on their desire to minimize the impact on their children. However, most of us can be distracted by anger, bitterness, or resentment toward our divorcing spouse. AMS Mediation can provide you with much needed perspective to help you regain the ability to truly be devoted to the welfare of your children by helping you address the concerns you may have about your ex-spouse.

Even if your disagreements with your spouse are small in number, there are still many issues that will need to be addressed. Such things as parenting time, which is more traditionally called ‘visitation’, schedules for children’s visits with each parent, disciplinary philosophy, resolving your respective parenting styles, your children’s involvement in activities, and questions about finances, education, and religion can all be effectively addressed by AMS Mediation’s strong parenting support services. Call the team at AMS Mediation at (952) 252-1492 for more information or to schedule a free consultation.