Resolve Parenting Time IssuesWith the divorce rate steadily rising, more and more families are having to raise their children separately, under two homes. This can be very stressful on your kids as they have to adjust to living in two different environments with potentially different rules. One parent may be very strict, while the other lets the children do what they want. This creates conflict between the parents as well as the kids. Parenting time is another issue that is quickly rising with the increase in divorces. AMS Mediation, a local Minneapolis, Minnesota parenting time expeditor, has the knowledge and experience to help you resolve parenting time disputes. This is not all that is offered at AMS Mediation. Amber M. Serwat and her team offer a wide range of parenting services designed to help families going through or after a divorce.

What is a Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE)?

This may be a brand new term for most people. A parenting time expeditor helps resolve disputes without having to incur all of the legal/court fees. A PTE can be chosen by parents or the court system, depending on the circumstances. Understanding what your parenting time court order requires is something our PTE team can assist you with. That may be part of the dispute you are dealing with, simply understanding what the court order states. Our PTE’s are available with open arms for either parent to submit a parenting time dispute or issue that they need assistance with. After hearing from both sides, the PTE will initiate an agreement or legally binding parenting time decision. Partnering with a PTE not only saves you money, but they promote a neutral environment and help you come to a resolution quickly. Keeping your children’s best interests in mind is our number one priority!

Other Parenting Services

  • Parenting Consultant – AMS offers Minnesota parenting consultant services that can provide guidance through a wide range of parenting issues such as childcare, education, schedules, discipline and medical protocols. One of our parenting consultants will coach, support and help with your decision making along the way.
  • Parenting Coach – If you are looking for individual guidance in gaining a stronger relationship with your children post divorce, team up with one of our dedicated parenting coaches.
  • Parenting Mediation – This affordable option is a great way for parents to resolve key issues in their parenting partnership.

So, if you are sick of fighting with your ex-spouse and need assistance with parenting time disputes, AMS Mediation is the partner for you! If you live in Minneapolis, give us a call today at (952) 252-1492 to set up a free consultation. You are sure to find something that fits your needs with our diverse parenting services.