7 ways Divorce Affects Kids

Going through a divorce is an extremely difficult time for people, and even if both parties are feeling neutral over the situation, oftentimes kids have a very hard time with divorce and it is extremely important to be mindful of this when going through a separation no matter how hard or mutual it may be.

As a divorced parent of two, school-aged children and a step-parent, I have personal experience that has contributed to my success as a mediator, and my personal journey can help you. Without proper safeguards parenting after a divorce can be emotionally overwhelming, with the legal system and financial stresses, and that is why having a mediator to help you resolve some of these issues and guide you through the process it can be very devastating and destructive.

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FAQs of Parenting Problems After Divorce

Help Parenting After DivorceParents face many challenges with ongoing parenting conflicts after a divorce. Learning to Co-Parent Effectively can be difficult but also very important for the wellbeing of the children. At AMS Mediation, we often see the same type of questions from clients who are in the divorce process or have recently finalized a divorce. We provide assistance for Managing Co-Parenting Challenges and forming a healthy new family structure.

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