Child custody issues are among the most difficult to manage during and after a divorce. And, unlike some issues that come up during a divorce, they last long beyond the moment when the divorce is finalized.  It is extremely common for a parenting plan to have to be adjusted numerous times after a divorce, especially when schedules and circumstances change and as the children age.  But, as you co-parent, what do you do when your children tell you that they are miserable?  AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN offers a wide variety of parenting and divorce mediation services that can help you navigate difficulties with child custody issues during and after your divorce.

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Top Benefits of Divorce Mediation

 Divorce Mediator MNMediation is fast becoming one of the most highly effective and sought after tools for settling divorces and solving family disputes such as child support or custody arrangements. If you are facing a divorce, you may initially be skeptical about exploring the idea of divorce mediation, but there are many important benefits to pursuing this path.

  • Save yourself money: The cost of divorce has been financially crippling for many families. Mediation is less expensive in large part because you do not pay court costs, lawyer fees and lengthy battles. The majority of mediation cases in Minnesota are settled before they enter a courtroom.

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