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Burnsville Divorce Mediator

by Amber M. Serwat

Burnsville Divorce MediatorAMS Mediation is a a Burnsville divorce mediator with the experience and acquired skills necessary to help you end your marriage more peacefully for all involved. Our team has helped many local couples who are finalizing divorce proceedings. Our staff’s knowledge of Minnesota divorce law is comprehensive and our ability to help you understand how it affects you and your divorce will help you navigate the difficult process. We work hard to make your work easier and less stressful so you can focus on healing. We approach our work this way because we know, first-hand, just how stressful and painful working toward the dissolution of a marriage can be.

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MN Female Divorce Mediator

by Amber M. SerwatBy now you may be aware that divorce mediation is often an excellent alternative to traditional litigation. Choosing the divorce mediator that will best represent your interests in an unbiased way throughout the entire process does not have to be complicate the...
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What is The Role of a Mediator?

by Amber M. SerwatThe role of a divorce mediator is to facilitate the divorce process for you and your spouse. In so doing, a good mediator will provide insights and strategies to mitigate conflict and maximize your potential for moving on to the next chapter of your respective lives....
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Divorce Settlement Services

by Amber M. SerwatThe process of dissolving a marriage can be lengthy, costly and emotionally draining without the assistance of an experienced divorce mediator like Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation. Going through the traditional court system for dissolution of marriage, or a divorce...
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