Divorce Education Classes Burnsville, Minnesota

divorce parenting education MNAMS Mediation of Burnsville, Minnesota, offers extremely helpful educational classes for support during and after divorce.  Our highly qualified staff offers a toolkit for navigating your legal process and will help you keep your divorce from escalating, and becoming needlessly expensive.  Anyone who has been through a divorce can tell you that legal processes can be overwhelmingly confusing and stressful, but this can be minimized.

In addition, AMS Mediation has a toolkit to help you gain confidence in creating a successful separate parenting plan.

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Divorce: There is a Bright Side

Minnesota Divorce Education Classes“…And they lived happily ever after and danced their way into the sunset.” Doesn’t that paint such a pretty little picture? Wonder where that cute little couple is now? Are they still together? Did they ever experience any bumps in the roads? Counseling? Dead? Sick? Divorced? If they are like 50% of Americans getting married, it’s likely that the couple “dancing into the sun” has already gotten divorced. This, however, shouldn’t not be a morbid or scary thought. Divorce happens, and it can be a devastating experience. There is a bright side of divorce however, and through AMS Mediation, divorce education classes can help shed some light on your experience.

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