A Productive Path for Parenting Partners

Plans for parenting Partners MNThe world of the 1950s, especially the United States of the 1950s, has been idealized to the point of a caricature. It’s likely true that the ideal of the nuclear family, consisting of a father/breadwinner, mother/homemaker, children, dog, and white picket fence in a perfect suburban home was never a widespread reality. We spent decades trying to convince ourselves of that reality, but when the revolution of the 1960s all but obliterated our view of the 1950s, we had some new truths to face. The existential crisis we have gone through, especially as it regards the ideal family structure, caused a great deal of upheaval.

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Conclusion Of Children and Conflict Series

Using “I” Statements

I statements are an effective way to communicate needs in an unemotional & non-adversarial.

Statements are specific and focused.

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Children and Conflict Series Part 10

Managing Anger

We experience emotions through physical sensation such as heart rate, breathing rate, aches and pains, electrical currents.  Communication and behaviors which come out of emotion are often ineffective.  Use your head, not your heart and examine the other’s intentions before reacting.   Anger is a reaction – not an emotion.

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Children and Conflict Series Part 9

Parenting Commitment Statement:

Creating a Parenting Commitment Statement helps you focus on parenting your children in the present and can help guide your behavior during challenging times and disagreements with your parenting partner.  You can do this with your parenting partner or alone.  Focus on your values as a parent and what you believe your children deserve and need from you.  Write your commitment statement in terms your children can understand, share it with them and post it where you and your children can see it on a daily basis.  You may also choose to define specific behaviors which support your commitment statement.

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Children and Conflict Series Part 8

Separate Parenting

It is important to understand that parenting partners have separate lives and homes.

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