Divorce Mediation in Minnesota

Divorce Support MNIn our country, divorce is generally characterized by extreme conflict, emotional turmoil and bitterness. If you are facing a separation or divorce, it is important to know that this does not have to be the case. Divorce mediation is a highly effective tool during this difficult process that can help you through the entire divorce process without formal litigation, and with less conflict, and emotional stress. Divorce mediation can also take less time and cost less money, which can be two other important factors in this process.

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Client Testmonial – April, 2014

Email messages like these remind me of why I do this work and fuel my passion to continue…names removed to preserve confidentiality.

Hi Amber.

I just wanted to let you know that as of last Thursday, our divorce is final. The judge actually stopped and asked me who did our paperwork/plan, and wrote your name down.

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Group vs. Shuttle Mediation

I recently read an interesting article about a potential pitfall of group mediation. The article was written by Jeffrey Krivis and published on Mediate.com in August 2012. A link to the full article is provided below. The title, Why Litigators Become Less Intelligent in Group Mediation Settings, is what drew my interest so I read on curious to discover more about why my typically preferred method of mediation (group setting) may actually not be the best way to reach settlement.

If you’ve ever been frustrated beyond belief in a committee meeting or during a group project you probably have an understanding of the basic idea – in order for a group to function, a leader needs to arise and often times leaders are the most outspoken members of the group – not necessarily the smartest members. “Group think” or follow the leader often takes root as the group works toward its end goal.

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I Wish I Had Used Mediation

Long before I was a family mediator a friend went through a divorce that would have been made so much easier by mediation.  This is the story of one couple who could have saved time, money and relationships by choosing mediation.

Way back in the eighties I married a man I knew for only six weeks before becoming engaged.  We had it all – bridesmaids, flowers, big music, lots of people – a dream wedding.  After the honeymoon was over, the gifts were opened and the dress sealed in a special box, reality set in.  I didn’t know this guy.  And, what I did know, I didn’t really like.  No detail is necessary other than to say that we were young and mistook lust for true love.  Not an original story at all.

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Mediation for Peaceful Co-Parenting

Trying to work on an agreement on your own is difficult and it can become messy.  Letting the courts do it for you is expensive and it won’t always turn out well for either party.  If your goals are getting the most out of the process and coming to a fair and peaceable resolution, the family and divorce mediation process makes the most sense.  Mediators are good at creating an atmosphere where both parties feel comfortable.  They will work with you to highlight a way that both parties can be satisfied with the outcome.

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