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Burnsville Divorce Mediator

by Amber M. Serwat

Burnsville Divorce MediatorAMS Mediation is a a Burnsville divorce mediator with the experience and acquired skills necessary to help you end your marriage more peacefully for all involved. Our team has helped many local couples who are finalizing divorce proceedings. Our staff’s knowledge of Minnesota divorce law is comprehensive and our ability to help you understand how it affects you and your divorce will help you navigate the difficult process. We work hard to make your work easier and less stressful so you can focus on healing. We approach our work this way because we know, first-hand, just how stressful and painful working toward the dissolution of a marriage can be.

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Divorced Divorce Mediator in MN

by Amber M. SerwatAmber Serwat is a divorce mediator who knows how to provide support and helpful legal information to individuals and couples in the process of divorce. She is a divorce mediation expert, in part, because she has gone through a divorce herself. As a result, she is all...
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Helpful Resources As You Navigate Divorce

by Amber M. SerwatDivorce is like the weather: sometimes you can see it coming and plan for it, and sometimes you get caught off guard, unprepared, and end up devastated. If you find yourself somewhere on that spectrum, you should consider seeking the help of AMS Mediation. Consider...
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Divorce Mediation Saves Time and Money

by Amber M. SerwatCouples going through divorce tend to have plenty of stress in their lives, as stress generally goes hand in hand with divorce. Divorce mediation is a viable option for settling the terms of a divorce that more and more couples are choosing in large part because it...
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What To Do When It’s Time To Divorce

by Amber M. SerwatMore and more, divorce mediation is becoming the choice of divorcing couples who prefer not to enter into the more familiar and traditional court-based divorce process.  AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN, offers the service of Mediated Divorce and is unique in that it...
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