Eagan Divorce Mediation

When you’re beginning the divorce process, especially if your divorce is filled with conflict, it might seem natural to pursue a divorce in court. Whether you want to stand in front of a judge to plead your case or not, though, it’s important to think of the benefits of divorce mediation as an alternative to the traditional lengthy legal process. Taking a divorce to court means you’ll have to go through a drawn-out, emotionally painful process that only creates more conflict. To avoid the time, money, and stress of an in-court divorce, use the Eagan, MN divorce mediation services available at Amber M. Serwat Mediation. We’ll make sure that you avoid a courtroom divorce by walking you through the steps of a divorce and ensuring that you and your spouse come to terms with a legally equitable divorce settlement, which includes three components: property division, financial support, and parenting planning.

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Child custody issues are among the most difficult to manage during and after a divorce. And, unlike some issues that come up during a divorce, they last long beyond the moment when the divorce is finalized.  It is extremely common for a parenting plan to have to be adjusted numerous times after a divorce, especially when schedules and circumstances change and as the children age.  But, as you co-parent, what do you do when your children tell you that they are miserable?  AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN offers a wide variety of parenting and divorce mediation services that can help you navigate difficulties with child custody issues during and after your divorce.

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Divorce: The Different Kind of Marathon

Divorce HelpReady. Set. GO! The signal sounds and you take off in a sprint. Little did you know that you aren’t doing the 200 meter race, you are actually in a marathon! You slow your speed, steady your breath, and push forward, patiently working towards an even more victorious finish line. Did you think we were talking about running? If you did, guess again. Yes my friends, we were talking about the ‘D’ word. Divorce is not a sprint, it’s a marathon! At AMS Mediation, we have the tools you need to get you ready for the race and make it to the finish line stronger than ever. If you live in Minnesota and are thinking of divorce or have already started on that path, look for help here at AMS Mediation.

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Thoughtful planning is best protection against high-conflict parenting after divorce.

Hands down, the best way to protect your children from the well-researched negative impacts of a high-conflict divorce or parental break-up is to spend some time, energy, and yes, money with a neutral parenting specialist.

In the throes of a divorce or custody battle it is ever so tempting to either hand your destiny over to your attorney or your parenting partner or decide not to hire a parenting specialist because of added cost. Both options may seem relatively reasonable however; both decisions are typically problematic and may ultimately cost more over time than investing in a specialist at the start.

Taking the time to discuss all aspects of separate parenting (including boundaries, joint rules, communication, expenses, new partners, expectations and the like) BEFORE these issues become problems is one of the secrets of success. A parenting specialist is invaluable in helping each of you understand the common pitfalls, set reasonable expectations and create workable protocols.

The old adage, “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. While an experienced family law attorney may have handled hundreds of custody issues he/she is not (often) a child or parenting expert; and he/she is not an expert about your life or your children. Only you and your parenting partner are experts about your life and your children. You know better than anyone what will work for your family and when the dust settles, you and your family will have to live with the results. With neutral, professional assistance, most parents (even high conflict parents) are able to create workable parenting plans complete with expectations and behavioral guidelines.

Separate parenting is difficult at best and learning how to be effective after a divorce or break-up does not come naturally. It takes time, hard work and training. A qualified parenting specialist may come from a variety of backgrounds – such as a therapist, social worker, mediator, or even possibly an attorney. They don’t have to have personal experience with separate parenting but I believe that type of experience is highly beneficial (I’m biased of course). Regardless of their educational and professional background and expertise, a neutral and direct parenting consultant is worth their weight in gold because divorcing parents sometimes need to hear messages and receive guidance they would rather avoid or disregard.

Children and Conflict Series Part 7

Why Parenting Plans?

Written parenting plans provide children and parents with predictability and consistency and can prevent future conflict. Open discussion and cooperation between parents is essential for success. Courts prefer that parents reach their own agreements about parenting time, because doing so makes them more likely to cooperate as their children grow up.

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